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Musical Theatre Jobs that Are Essential for a Production

Getting a break into the musical theatre is not an easy job either if you think getting a leading role is difficult. But being a part of the musical theatre team will keep you close to the people who are looking for some good talent. Some of the jobs that you can find in musical theatre are as follows. Some of these jobs require additional training at a musical theatre school.

Front of house

Front of house roles is a great starting block for many good careers in musical theatre. It is often the works like selling tickets, refreshments, and showing people their seats. You can find this job when the theatre is looking for front of house staff. You may get to see the shows for free or get discounts on tickets. You will not get paid much for this role considering it is similar to distributing pamphlets on the streets.

Front of house

Musical director

A musical director works under the lead director and producer and acts as a medium between upper management and everyone else. After the rehearsals, the lead director tends to relax, and the musical directors take the responsibility of managing the stage. Musical director is different from the theatre director, who runs the entire theatre.

Stage manager

A stage manager makes sure that everything is according to the requirements of the musical director. They need to carry a checklist of things that are demanded by the musical director. Blocking cues, thinging, scenery, props, etc. are the responsibilities of a stage manager. Stage manager starts small and moves their way up to take bigger roles.


A producer can have several roles in a theatre play from raising funds to managing the said funds, hiring personnel for the jobs, search for scripts, initiate productions, etc. It is easy for a producer to get to bankruptcy if they do not make the right investments in good plays. A producer can earn in millions and lose millions at the same time, depending upon how the play goes.

Stage manager

Theatrical makeup artist

The makeup artists for the theatres have different roles and responsibilities compared to the makeup artists for photoshoots, occasions, events, and beautician works. They should learn the art of creating artistic makeups for artists for all types of light conditions. There are special training programs for theatrical makeup artists.


Choreographers bear the responsibility of bringing the musical theatre production to life. They decide how the artists will move around the stage and the stances they will take during the performance. The choreographers have been a part of the theatre performances ever since the first Greek plays. One needs to get the right training from a professional school before applying for this role.