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Rick Williams is a playwright, composer and lyricist. A soon as he could climb up on the piano bench, Rick began experimenting with his first compositions by age 3. Even at that tender age, he was frequently a source of irritation and frustration to his piano teacher, as she required that he play “what was written”. Being both creative and stubborn, Rick continued to re-write these recital pieces. Soon after his debut recital, his teacher unexpectedly died. Rick’s parents decided that they did not want to take any further chances with piano teachers– lessons and instruction abruptly stopped at the age of 3 and a half. However, Rick continues to tirelessly compose and has now written over 1000 songs with his first love being musical theatre. Additionally Rick is a prolific writer, having written several other musicals— Credits include: “Maya”, “Esther, Queen of Persia”, “Betty B”, and “MasterPiece.” His work has been showcased in New York as well as Off-Off Broadway runs. Rick plays piano, guitar, banjo, cello and a variety of other musical instruments. He and his wife have successfully raised 9 children and are enjoying living in Jupiter, Florida…paradise as Rick calls it.